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What is the Quickest Way to Get Rid of Piles; Discover Solution

Piles or Haemorrhoids are where lumps form around and in your anus region. Usually, piles can be treated with some home remedies in the early symptoms and with some lifestyle changes. 

But only in some cases where the cases become more severe you might need to consult a physician to avoid further issues to your health. So what is the quickest way to get rid of piles? You may be thinking. So here I am with this blog. 

In this blog, I have shared some home remedies and one of the quickest ways to eliminate piles. Read the blog further for more reference.

What are Piles? 

The pile is a condition in which a lump is formed around your anus or bottom of the anus, which interferes with your daily activities. Piles condition causes the inflammation of the blood vessels around your anus and region, forming lumps around your anus. However, based on the symptoms, Hemorrhoids are classified under internal and external haemorrhoids. Certain symptoms, including Bleeding, itching, discomfort, and some symptoms accompany both. For an effective from the piles, you can visit TatvaAyurveda, which is one of the Best Piles Clinics in Calicut


How are haemorrhoids classified? 

Haemorrhoids are classified under two categories depending on the symptoms and severity of the case: external and internal haemorrhoids. 

Internal Hemorrhoids:

Internal Hemorrhoids are a condition in which the swellings occur around your anus region in the internal part of the anus where the pain receptors are fewer. Both internal and external haemorrhoids can make you feel uncomfortable. They can also show you symptoms like Bleeding, itching, and a feeling of fullness in the rectum region, which can cause discomfort in performing the regular task. 

External Hemorrhoids: 

External Hemorrhoids are haemorrhoids formed outside the anus, making it difficult to sit, stand and perform daily activities. These are more painful when compared to internal haemorrhoids as they are located under your skin where the anus is located. When these external haemorrhoids become thrombosed, a blood clot develops, causes pain and also feels tender to touch. They may cause typical discomfort while sitting, standing or doing other movements. 

Hence the following are the two different types of haemorrhoids that can be helpful for your teeth. 

What are some symptoms of Piles? 

You may witness the following symptoms if you are suffering from Piles. 


  • Extreme mucus discharge from the anal region due to moisture availability in the rectal region indicates the Piles.
  • If you face faecal soiling too often, it indicates that you suffer from internal piles, which causes difficulty in controlling bowel movements.
  • Rectal Bleeding is one of the common symptoms of Piles. If you are suffering from rectal Bleeding, consult a physician or a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Typical pain in the anal region, especially while sitting or standing, is a symptom of the pile's condition.
  • Persistent itching on the anus region also indicates that you suffer from piles.
  • Difficulty while sitting also indicates that you are suffering from the Piles condition.
  • A feeling of not fully emptying the bowels even after the bowel movements indicates that you are suffering from Piles. 

Hence, some indications show you are suffering from the Piles condition.

What are the quickest ways to get rid of Piles?


Here are some quickest ways through which you can get rid of Piles;


Sitz Bath: 

Sitz Bath is one of the most effective remedies and an amazing Pile cure. Sitz bath is a therapy in which warm water is allowed to come in contact with the anal and the genital area to provide relief and a soothing effect. It is also helpful for alleviating the condition and also reduces inflammation. 

In this treatment, a bathtub or a basin is filled with warm water and must be enough to cover your buttocks and hips region and see to it. The water must contain some Epsom salt or baking soda for a better result. Just sit in the water for 20-30 minutes to obtain the best and the desired result. 




Increase your fibre intake. It is because sometimes constipation is also one of the reasons for Bleeding or haemorrhoids. Less fibre absorption is one reason for constipation, resulting in Bleeding. Thus, increasing your fibre intake lets the stools pass from the anus easily. 

Some of the best fibre-rich foods are whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds etc. While eating fibre, also see that you do not consume it in excess quantities as it can make you bloat or even make you excessively suffer from gas. 


Keep Moving:


A sedentary Lifestyle is also one of the reasons for piles; thus, some exercise and physical workouts can help alleviate the condition. Physical movements and exercises can help you with bowel movements and keep your pressure off from the haemorrhoids. 

Sitting too much can irritate the veins in your rectal region and make it swell, leading to lumps in the anal region due to excessive pressure. 


Stay Hydrated: 

Try to drink enough water as it helps to regulate your bowel movements and can also prevent constipation. Thus it is necessary to prevent the condition beforehand. 

If you drink enough amount of water, it will help pass the stools with ease without stressing it. Thus drinking enough water will be helpful for you to manage the stools and make it less difficult and easier to pass. 

Hence these are some of the quickest ways to get rid of piles. 

Hope you find the blog helpful. See you soon, and stay connected for more helpful blogs like this. 

Thank you for reading! 

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