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Decoding Piles Symptoms: Signs, Causes, and Relief

Do you see blood in your stools? Or does it hurts you while sitting or passing stool? If the answers to all these are yes, then you are here on the right page. I'll share complete information about Pile's symptoms and a complete overview of the pile's condition. 

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What are Piles?

Piles is a health condition that causes swelling of veins in the rectum and the anal region that causes difficulty in passing stool and interferes with your daily activity such as sitting and walking, and also a lump-like structure forms in the anus part. The blood vessels are either inflamed or swollen, which can result in causing discomfort to the people suffering from the condition. However, there are different types of piles that vary and also depict the case's intensity. 

In most cases, the piles can be healed with lifestyle changes like drinking enough water, exercising, having a balanced diet, good hygiene, and more. But in some cases, it might require a good doctor's visit for the overall being. You can visit Tatvayurveda, one of Calicut's Best Piles and Fistula Clinics

What are the risk factors of the Pile's condition?

You may develop the piles' condition if you have the following problems; 


  • If you are suffering from chronic bowel movements or constipation, you are likely to develop piles.
  • Pregnant women are more suspected of suffering from piles condition.
  • Obesity and a poor diet can also become one of the reasons for being diagnosed with Piles. In such a case, try to add a good routine of physical workouts or some changes in your diet.
  • Age can also lead to the development of the piles in many individuals.
  • Lack of physical activity is also one of the causes of the development of piles in many individuals.
  • Piles can also develop if you are sitting or standing for a long time.
  • For people who have a family history of piles' condition, there are chances for them to suffer from the condition. 

Hence these are a few risk factors for developing piles in individuals. 

What are some of the Pile's Symptoms to enlist? 

If you are suffering from the Pile's condition, you might undergo some of the followings symptoms; 


  • Pain in the rectal or discomfort in the region can indicate the Pile's condition.
  • Frequent itching and irritation in the anal region is also a symptom of Piles.
  • Having a swelling and a formation of the lump in the rectal region.
  • Bleeding while passing stool is also a sign that indicates the piles' symptoms.
  • Mucus discharge from the stool or excessive mucus production in the rectal region.
  • Rectal Bleeding is also one of the symptoms of the Pile's symptoms.
  • Anal Leakage may also take place if there is an increase in the symptoms of the piles. 

Hence these are some of the Pile's symptoms to enlist, which can show up if there is an increase in the condition. 

Are Piles Curable? What are the suggested treatments for the Piles? 

Of course, the Piles treatment is curable. In most cases, the piles are curable with certain lifestyle modifications, but in many cases, there is a need for several therapies for your body.
People with mild cases can adapt to circumstances like dietary changes, staying hydrated, staying active most of the time, and also with certain medications. 

But in severe cases, the need for appropriate care emerges, which should be looked after within the time limit to avoid more problems to your health. There are several therapies which can be adapted to solve your health issues; Here are a few to mention; 



If your Pile's condition isn't under control, you may require certain medications to control it. In several cases, the doctors prescribe some medications that may help alleviate the pain and reduce the pain of the lump or the piles present there. 


There are several treatments for the treatment of piles condition; Here are a few recommended and notable treatments for your piles; 

Rubber Band Treatment:

The Rubber Band Treatment involves using rubber bands to tie the area of the haemorrhoids to stop the blood supply of that particular area. Once the blood supply is interrupted, the haemorrhoids are withered within a few days, and the condition is completely eradicated. 



It is the last procedure suggested and performed by the doctors when no other treatments work. Hemorrhoidectomy is a treatment which involves the surgical removal of the haemorrhoids through surgery. However, the treatment may be comfortable and less painful as it is performed under local anaesthesia. 



Sclerotherapy is also a condition which is helpful for the removal of Piles or Hemorrhoids. In this type of treatment, a chemical is injected into your haemorrhoids simultaneously, leading them to shrink. In this way, the haemorrhoids can be eradicated with no pain or further discomfort. 


Infrared Coagulation: 

Infrared Coagulation is a treatment involving exposure to infrared light that helps to coagulate your blood vessels, leading to the shrinkage of the haemorrhoids.


Henceforth the following are the treatments that can be used for treating Piles or Hemorrhoids. Therefore with proper treatment and care, the haemorrhoid treatment can be reduced and curtailed up to a certain limit to the life you up from the condition. 

Hope you find the blog helpful. See you soon, and stay connected to read more upcoming blogs like this. 

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