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Piles and Fistula Clinic

Tatva Ayurved Piles Fissure and Fistula Clinic understand the anguish and pain that patients are going through the symptoms of piles. As a result, we have a special anorectal disease management protocol that advises on internal medicines, para surgical procedures, diet, lifestyle, and other requirements for our patients' prevention, management, and post-treatment quality of life. If the patient's ano-rectal condition is in its early stages, our special ano rectal package can help to mitigate and reverse the condition.


We employ the parasurgical techniques of kshara karma (the administration of a particular alkaline medical paste), kshara sootra seton (the insertion of thread medicated with organic alkalis), and agnikarma (conservative therapeutic approach) (surgical cauterization).

Kshara Karma involves cauterizing and stopping blood supply to the pile mass with caustic alkalis such Apamargakshara (Achyranthesaspera), Arkakshara (Caltropis gigantea), or Snuhikshara (Euphorbia lingularia). Within 1-2 weeks of the operation, the pile mass will shrivel and peel off, leaving no scar tissue on the anal canal. Mild post-procedural pain, no bleeding, little hospitalisation, and little scarring are benefits.


Kshara Sutra is a Seton thread that has been medicated with organic alkalis like Apamargakshara (Achyranthesaspera), Arkakshara (Caltropis gigantea), or Snuhikshara (Euphorbia lingularia). The alkali is coated 15 - 21 times on the sexton thread. Aside from that, natural antibiotics such as haridra powder, guggulu, and others are used to make Ksharasutra. The mechanical action of the threads and the chemical action of the drugs coated work together to cut, curet, drain, and clean the tissues, promoting tissue healing. This also functions as an antiseptic and fibrotic agent to promote healing.


This can be applied and changed on a regular basis. The benefits include minimal hospitalisation, dressings, and rest, no muscle cutting, and minimal side effects.


We also perform Agnikarma, a non-surgical procedure. This is known as thermal cauterization. Thermal cauterisation is used to remove sentinel tags, and a sphincterotomy is also performed by agnikarma to reduce anal ring spasm.


For a compassionate, understanding, and patient-friendly approach to your suffering, as well as the expertise to manage your condition Tatva Ayurved Piles Fissure and Fistula Clinic, is the place to go if you want to reclaim your smile.

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