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Panchakarma Clinic: An Ayurvedic Detoxification Center.

Panchakarma therapy is a type of ayurvedic therapy that helps prevent various health issues and helps maintain overall health and rejuvenation therapy. 


Ayurvedic therapy was best for healing and prevention and also longevity. It is said that undergoing the samshodhana treatments will help you to fight the diseases and will not recur again and again. 


Hence the panchakarma treatment will be helpful for you to fight all the diseases. You can also visit Tatvayurved, one of Calicut's best panchakarma clinics, for an effective Ayurvedic visit. Read more.


What is Panchakarma Treatment?

Panchakarma Treatment in Ayurveda involves cleansing the entire body and eradicating all the wastes from the body through various channels after lubrication. The panchakarma Treatment isn't only about treating health problems, but it is also helpful for preventive, curative, and promotive actions for several diseases and health issues. 


However, the body can be divided into five parts, through which the different parts may need cleansing. They are Vamanam, Virechanam, Anuvasana, Nasyam, and Astapana Vasti. 


  • Vamana refers to therapeutic emesis, which includes the removal of wastes through the mouth of the areas like the upper gastro and the end of the stomach, and some parts of the respiratory tract.
  • Anuvasana is an oil enema procedure that helps lubricate the rectal areas and eliminate lipid-soluble waste through the anus.
  • Virechanam is a purgation procedure that helps clear the lower gastro up to the duodenum and till the exit.
  • Nasyam is an ayurvedic technique that eradicates wastes through the nasal passage by using medicated substances to help clear the respiratory tracts and the tract of paranasal sinuses.
  • Astapana Vasti is a decoction enema therapy that helps cleanse the area from the transverse, i.e., from the colon to the anus. 

What are the different panchakarma treatments?

Several panchakarma treatments are available for treating several health conditions: Vaman, Virechan, Basti, Nasya and Raktamokshan.


The Vamana treatment involves the operation and fomentation therapy with some ayurvedic medicines. The toxins are melted into the upper part of the body and eliminated through the upper cavities. 

The Vamana treatment is best for kapha-related conditions, including weight gain, asthma, and hyperacidity. They help eliminate the excess kapha doshas from the body, stimulating conditions like acne, asthma, arthritis, chronic cold, and diabetes.



Virechana is also an effective treatment for your body that involves using purgatives to cleanse the body's toxins and other waste materials.

It is the method of eliminating the body's waste by using several herbal laxatives to your body. It helps the system clear all the waste and harmful toxins from the body and the impurities. 

But before the virechanaa treatment, a Purva karma treatment is carried out, named initial treatment, which is given using a medicated oil and ghee. After this, the patient is made to sweat thoroughly to isolate the corrupt doshas from the body. 



Basti is another effective treatment for your overall health and one of the panchakarma treatments. The therapy involves using herbal enemas to clean the colon and remove the accumulated toxins from your body. 

Basti is one of the necessary therapies of the panchakarma treatment that can help remove unwanted wastes from the body. However, the Basti treatment involves pouring herbal decoctions or medicated oils via the anal route. 



Nasya is also an effective treatment for several health issues. It is one of the panchakarma treatments with several benefits for your body.

The treatment involves the administration of medicated oils or herbal preparations through the nasal passages to remove the toxins from the body, especially the neck region.

Nasya Therapy is more beneficial for the upper respiratory passage; that helps to eliminate the excess mucus naturally. The term Nasya indicates nose and involves pouring the medicated oils, ghee, powders, juices, honey, milk, water, etc., through the nasal passages. 



Raktamokshana is another effective treatment for cleansing your body's toxins. But this treatment involves using herbal elements and products to eliminate toxins through the blood from the body. It helps treat specific conditions such as skin diseases or blood disorders. 

Rakta Mokshana is an effective blood purification therapy that removes small and impure particles from the blood, which is conducted to neutralize the excess accumulated pitta toxins from the body and some blood-borne diseases. 

Hence these are the five different types of panchakarma treatment that can help with several issues of your body. 


Best Panchakarma Clinic in Calicut:


TatvaAyurved is one of the best ayurvedic clinics in Calicut that provides several ayurvedic treatments and preventive care. The team is dedicated to nourishing people with their ayurvedic remedies and treatment, promoting their overall health, wellness, and well-being. 


Here at the clinic, they provide several services of ayurveda, including piles and fistula care, post-natal care, weight management, back pain treatment, panchakarma treatment, ortho-care, de-stress, and several other issues. Patient satisfaction is the prime motto, and everything is based on a patient-centred approach and wellness. 


For an effective, affordable, and satisfying treatment with incredible benefits, you can visit the TatvaAyurved Hospital in Calicut or the TatvaAyurved website: https://www.tatvaayurved.com.


I hope you find the blog on the Best Panchakarma Clinic in Calicut Helpful. See you soon, and stay connected for more blogs like this.

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