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Post Natal Care Clinic

You will be able to recuperate from pregnancy, childbirth, and new parenting with the aid of Tatva Ayurved's postnatal care. It is made in a genuine manner that guarantees the restoration of energy, the avoidance of subsequent postpartum difficulties for mothers, and the restoration of physical and mental power.


Being a mother is a rare and happy time in a woman's life. However, many women experience significant stress after giving birth, both physically and mentally. We provide a particular Ayurvedic package for mothers and children that includes herbal internal medicine, a special oil massage, and nourishing and soothing therapy to soothe the mind and body. Stretch marks are significantly lessened by the hydrating oils as well.


Our team of  Ayurvedic post-natal care experts has years of experience working with women during their pregnancies as well as after delivery. We offer an array of services including:


  • Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care
  • Ayurvedic Delivery Care
  • Postpartum Care
  • Oil Massage Therapy


We provide holistic care guidelines, which include:


For Mother:

  • Promotes Better Sleep
  • Free from Tension & Depression
  • Tone Your Body Back into Shape
  • Relief in Body Pains & Weakness
  • Improve Breastfeeding & Blood Circulation


For Baby: 

  • Improves Neurological & Sensory Development
  • Helps in Weight Gain & Increased Stool Frequency
  • Relieves Discomfort from Colic, Gas Constipation & Teething


The mother's treatment plan includes:

  • Snehanam, a hot medicated oil body massage
  • Patrapotala Swedam: a massage using cloth bags filled with herbal leaves and heated oil
  • Kashaya Dhara - A steady stream of warm medicinal liquids administered to various bodily sections (herbal decoction bath)
  • A special abdominal bandage that shrinks the abdomen.
  • Consumption of herbal tea and juices; Vethu Kuli (Medicinal Bath)


For child:

  • Massage of the entire body with herbal oil
  • Kashaya Dhara - A steady stream of warm medicinal liquids administered to various bodily sections (herbal decoction bath)


Remark: Depending on the patient's condition, additional or fewer treatments may be given.


Why Do You Want Tatva Ayurveda?

  • Highly skilled medical professionals who have been offering the best traditional Ayurveda treatments for years.
  • A committed, knowledgeable workforce.
  • Ensures a healthy future for you.
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