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How to Boost Immunity with Ayurveda | 3 Healthy Tips

Are you more prone to colds and infections? Do you often witness allergies? If the answers to all these are yes, then you probably have a weak immune system, which can invite several diseases and health conditions. 

A strong immune system is a base for a healthy and happy life. Henceforth it is necessary to look after your immune to boost your health. But how, you might be wondering right? 
For long-term results, I suggest you opt for Ayurveda rather than any other technique. Read the blog to learn how to boost immunity with Ayurveda. In this blog, I have explained How to Boost Immunity with Ayurveda. 


What is the importance of stronger immunity?

A stronger immunity is necessary to lead a healthy life. If you have weaker immunity, you may be frequently affected by diseases and infections. 

To avoid that, you must strengthen your immunity to avoid such conditions. As we are surrounded by pathogens and other living organisms, developing a stronger immunity is necessary to fight infections and other diseases. 

In Ayurveda, there is a cure for everything. Similarly, it will also help you develop a stronger immune system. You can look towards some traditional approaches and practices in Ayurveda to build resistance and the ability to recover.

What causes a weaker immune system?

Here are a few causes that can be the reason for a weaker immunity; 



Your diet plays a vital role in considering any function in your body. If you are following a poor diet, then your immune system may get weak. If you are missing a healthy and sufficient diet, your health may get affected in several ways. 

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Genes are also one of the factors that determine your immune system. People with a family history of weak immune systems have a higher chance of developing the same. 



Being addicted to alcohol and drugs can weaken your immunity. Alcohol reduces the number of bacteria your body requires to stay healthy. Smoking can also weaken your immune system and the body's way of protecting itself from infections and diseases such as colds, flu, viruses, infections, and cancer. 



Chemotherapy treatments can weaken your immune system by reducing the disease-fighting white blood cells in the body. And when the white blood cells don't work properly, it leads to sepsis which is the body's extreme response to an infection. 

Henceforth there were a few reasons for the weakened immune system in your body. 


What are the symptoms of a weakened immune system?

Here are a few symptoms that might indicate that you have a weaker immune system;


Cold is one of the most common signs of weak immunity. If you are more often affected by the cold, you have a weak immunity that cannot respond to the external environment and infections.


Another strong sign of a weakened immune system is when you have frequent digestion-related issues. Here, digestion issues include cramping, poor or very slow digestion, loss of appetite, nausea, and diarrhea. 


It is normal to feel fatigued after a long day's work schedule. But if you feel fatigued throughout the day or even after taking appropriate rest, you probably have a weaker immune system. 

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Skin health:

Even your skin health is a major indicator of your immunity system. If you have dry, inflamed skin or rashes frequently, it is confirmed that you have some immunity-related issues in your body. 

Slow healing:

If your wounds are healing in an extremely slow phase, even that condition indicates something wrong with your immunity. In such conditions stop worrying and visit your doctor and enquire about your health condition in detail and ways to improve your health. 

Hence, these were a few symptoms that indicated a weaker immunity. 

How to boost immunity with Ayurveda?

Ayurveda has a cure for everything. All you have to do is seek appropriate treatment for it. Here is a list of a few best ayurvedic treatments that can help boost your immune system;


Nasya Therapy:

Nasya Therapy is one of the best treatments in Ayurveda that can help boost your immunity. It includes a few drops of ghee or oil to your nostrils to prevent the entrance of bacteria and viruses through your nostrils and affect your health. But after applying this to your nostrils, you have to lie down for a few minutes for effective results. 



Pranayama is another best ayurvedic therapy to help boost your immune system. Several pranayama techniques like Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, and other exercises can help you cleanse the lungs and stimulate the immune system. 


Herbal Tea: 

Can you even imagine that just by following a regular normal routine, you can boost your immune system? Yes, it is possible. Just by drinking tea, you can enhance your immunity. All you have to do is make some healthy choices. Henceforth, instead of drinking your regular milk tea, you can replace it with herbal tea by adding some natural spices like ginger, cardamom, tulsi, clove, and other herbs that can help strengthen your immunity.

Hence these are a few immunity boosters in Ayurveda that can help strengthen your immune. 

How to boost your immune system easily?

Here are a few easy steps to boost your immune system;


Exercise is not only for building muscles or reducing your weight alone. But it also helps in boosting your immune. Exercise helps to drive out the cells from the bone into your bloodstream, which enhances immune surveillance. 

Good Sleep:

Disturbed sleep can also interrupt your immune functioning. It will help you to fight illness and infections to a great extent. Good sleep is necessary for a well-functioning body.

Diet and Hydration:

Eat foods rich in nutrients like vitamin c, vitamin e, vitamin b6, zinc, and magnesium. Also, keep yourself hydrated to help the cells circulate in the body properly. Hence following a proper diet and hydrating your body is also necessary.

I hope you find the blog helpful. If you have any suggestions or queries, ask them in the comment section below. See you soon.

Thank you for reading!


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