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Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin Rashes and Itching

Skin is the most extensive organ in our body and is a barrier to many infections and diseases. Hence it deserves extra care and protection from external factors.

The environment where we're living today is sufficed with pollution, dust and other factors which adversely affect the skin and causes problems like itching, irritation and allergies on your skin. Yet, all these have remedies, but still, we need to protect our skin from the following exposure. 
Therefore Ayurveda has a good cure for all your skin problems. In this article, I have shared some best ayurvedic treatments for skin rashes and itching, which will help you to a great extent! Let's see it in detail.


What triggers skin issues in our body? 

Many things trigger skin issues; here are some of the most common reasons you need to analyze before treating them thoroughly.



It is one of the most common reasons for skin problems and skin allergies, which is caused due to contact with several external factors. It could include anything like rubber, chemicals, metal, pets and even insects sometimes. 


Bite Stings: 

Several insects, like a bee, stings; their bites can also cause irritation and rashes in that particular area. It can heal quickly by applying several ointments and medicines to the affected area. 


Climate Change:

A sudden climate change also severely impacts certain people's skin. In the summer seasons, it appears as in the case of rashes, whereas in winter, they take the appearance of skin dryness. However, the reason for both could be the change in the climate. 



Several food habits can trigger rashes on certain people's skin if it doesn't suit them; some best examples of such foods are eggs and peanuts. Analyzing the right food type for you can still prevent such conditions. 


What are the symptoms of skin rashes?

Some common symptoms of skin rashes include;


  • Red Bumps on the skin
  • Rough patches on the skin
  • Weeping fluid
  • Skins with blisters
  • Red dots on the skin
  • Dry and scaly skin
  • Painful bumps on the skin
  • Red patches and red dots on the skin


These are some common symptoms that indicate rashes and skin allergies. 


Suggest some best ayurvedic treatments for skin rashes and itching.

Ayurveda offers several best and most amazing remedies to help your skin get rid of several skin problems and rashes.

Several herbs in Ayurveda can enhance the vitality of the skin by curing specific skin problems. Here are a few which I have mentioned along with their benefits.


Daru Haridra:

Daru Haridra is an ayurvedic medicine that supports skin health and other body issues. For skin, it is beneficial in many ways; it cures skin allergies and also helps eliminate excess pita and amatoxins. You can apply them to your skin for better results by mixing them in the ghee. 


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Chandanam is another effective and best ayurvedic herb for treating your skin problems, and it can handle all the skin issues that are bothering you. It will help you prevent further inflammation of the skin, pacify pitta, and soothes the skin. The most suitable way to use them is by making them a paste and applying them to an infected area.



To your surprise, an incredible ayurvedic medicine suggested for several health issues is also considered best for the skin. However, they are helpful for you in reducing inflammation in your skin, pacifying Kapha dosha, healing and clearing skin allergies, and working as an anti-microbial product. For an effective result, you can use them by adding some honey to the paste and applying them to the affected area of your body.



No description is needed for the benefits of the Neem to our body and skin. They are considered best for their anti-bacterial properties that help calm pitta dosha and work as an antiseptic for wounds. The best way to use it is by applying the making the paste of the leaves and the mixture of ghee and coconut for effective use. It is also applied by extracting the water from the neem leaves and then applying them to the affected area.



Ela, also known as cardamom, is not only used for aroma in foods but also has some medicinal products. It helps purify the skin, treat the rashes on the body, works as an anti-microbial product, and balances all the doshas. For effective use, you can make them in powdered form along with ghee and coconut oil. 



Dhanyaka is another suitable and effective ayurvedic herb that will help you get rid of skin problems and allergies. They have been considered effective and valuable for their anti-microbial properties and anti-oxidants that calm Vata and pita. You can use them as a paste and apply them to the affected area.


So these were the suggested and best ayurvedic treatment for skin rashes and itching.

Suggest some best home remedies for skin rashes and itching.

Here are some effective home remedies that are proven to be effective for curing itching and rashes in your body;


Coconut Oil:

Coconut Oil has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that prevent the development of bacteria around acne or inflammation. Virgin oil is also known best to relieve itching problems of your skin.


But if you are unsure about the conditions that would suit you, you can try it on a small patch of your skin to prevent any further allergies on your skin. 


Cold Compress:

The other best remedy for your skin is the cold compress which will provide you relief to a great extent. Like how water expels all the heat from the burning flame, similarly, the burning sensation in the skin can come out quickly if you apply a cold compress. But see to it that you always use a cloth and the ice cube sparingly on your skin.


Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera consists of anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties that help cure the itching and irritating sensation on the skin. 


Oatmeal Bath:

Another best-suggested home remedy for irritating and itching skin is the oatmeal bath, which can be effective for blisters and provides a soothing effect.


So these are some of the best and suggested home remedies you can still have.


I hope you find the blog on Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin Rashes and Itching helpful.


Thanks for Reading! 


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