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Ayurvedic Diet for High Cholesterol Control - Natural Solutions

Suffering from high Cholesterol? So what are you planning to do next? 

High Cholesterol is one of the emerging reasons for many health issues. 

Changes in diet and lifestyle are necessary to improve your cholesterol levels in certain cases.

But in other cases, you might need to visit the doctor for proper medications and treatment. 


For people who will obtain medical care for high Cholesterol, I recommend trying Ayurveda at least once for treatment. It includes specific lifestyle changes and diet changes for effective results. If you suffer from persistent cholesterol issues, visit the Best Chronic Care Management Clinic in Calicut Tatva Ayurved for effective treatment.


I have shared some best ayurvedic diets for high cholesterol control in this blog. Read the blog to know more. 

What is High Cholesterol? 

High Cholesterol refers to a condition in which your Blood encounters a high cholesterol level, which is unsuitable for your health. Cholesterol is a waxy substance present in your body for performing specific functions like building cell membranes, producing hormones, and aiding in the digestion of dietary fats. Cholesterol is performed mainly by the liver from certain foods to help your body function properly. 


However, there are two types of Cholesterol: Low-Density Lipoprotein cholesterol or LDL, referred to as bad Cholesterol, and High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol, referred to as good Cholesterol. When the balance is disrupted between good and bad Cholesterol, the LDL levels in the body become too high, leading to high cholesterol levels. 

What are the symptoms of High Cholesterol Levels in the Blood?

There are no actual symptoms of high Cholesterol in the Blood, but some signs are there that easily deduct the prevailing high Cholesterol in the Blood. Sudden or frequent chest pain due to the reduced flow of Blood to the muscles around your heart may indicate high cholesterol symptoms in your body. 

Usually, people with high cholesterol have higher chances of cardiac arrest and suffer from other heart issues. To prevent and avoid such conditions, it is necessary to maintain your cholesterol levels in the body to prevent the disease from getting even worse. 

What causes high Cholesterol in the body? 

Here are a few causes of high Cholesterol in the body which you should know; 

Unhealthy Diet: 

An unhealthy Diet is one of the leading causes of Cholesterol in the body. People who include more saturated fats in their diet are more suspected to suffer from high Cholesterol. Avoid full-processed, fried, and fatty foods and include foods that are good for health, like fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. 

Sedentary Lifestyle: 

If you have a sedentary life or people working under jobs, you have more chances of developing high Cholesterol. If you're having a sedentary lifestyle or less physical activity, try to add some physical workouts to reduce the risk of high Cholesterol in your body.


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Age and Gender:

Age is also one of the factors affecting people with their cholesterol levels in the body. With age, even cholesterol levels in your body may increase. However, men are more suspected to suffer from the problem of high Cholesterol than women. Women may experience the signs of Cholesterol after menopause. 


Even your genes play a vital role in determining the cholesterol levels in your body. If you have a family history of people suffering from Cholesterol, there may be a high chance for you to suffer from the same health condition. Therefore if someone in your family suffers from high Cholesterol, you may have the same. 


People who consume alcohol may also suffer from cholesterol problems. Hence it is suggested not to drink alcohol as it may increase the cholesterol levels in your body. Therefore if you are trying to reduce your cholesterol levels, control your alcohol intake. 

Suggest some best ayurvedic diets for high cholesterol control; 


Garlic is one of the efficient remedies for reducing and bringing your cholesterol levels up to a certain extent. Mix one clove with a piece of finely chopped garlic, blend it with half a teaspoon of grated ginger and lime juice, and add it to your diet for a more effective result. 


Cinnamon is also said to provide significant relief from the cholesterol levels in the body. Either you can add this to your food in a spice form which can be helpful for both enhancing the taste as well as improving your cholesterol levels in the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar is a beneficial remedy for reducing your cholesterol levels. It can help control the cholesterol levels in the body with no side effects and easily. Try adding some apple cider vinegar in a glass of lukewarm water, honey, and lime for more amazing benefits. 


Workouts also play an influential role in managing cholesterol levels in the body. Try involving yourself in physical or external activities to ensure your body has no more fats and prevailing Cholesterol. Thus workouts can make your condition better than other things. 

Hence these are a few dietary changes and methods to get your cholesterol levels down to a certain extent. 

I hope you find the blog helpful. 
Share your suggestions if you have any in the comment section. 
See you soon, with more upcoming amazing blogs like this. 

Thank you for your valuable time! 

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