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Chronic Care Clinic

Tatva Ayurved Chronic Care Management Program


Our Chronic Care Management program specializes in helping patients improve their health on an ongoing basis. Our dedicated care team will coordinate all of your health care and give you the support you need to manage your chronic conditions effectively. If you are a patient who has two or more chronic conditions that are expected to last 12 months or longer, you may think of signing up for Tatva Ayurved Chronic Care Management (CCM) program.

As part of the Tatva Ayurved expanded care team, we will work with patients to carefully monitor and provide comprehensive care for their chronic health conditions in a systematic way to supplement regular hospital/doctor visits. There are several ways to reach out to our expert ayurvedic doctors without the need to visit a hospital or clinic, all thanks to online technology. With the online facility available, doctor consultations have become easier, which can help you get the right health care anytime, anywhere.


Our chronic care management program provides:

•    Online access to our Ayurvedic Doctors and personal care team.
•    Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual preventive care services scheduled
•    Post Treatment follow on Doctor Consultation & monitor your medications closely.
•    Emergency Doctor calls as needed
•    Diet and lifestyle advice
•    Create a personalized, comprehensive plan of care for all of your chronic health issues.


We provide Chronic Care Management Program for:

•    Diabetes
•    Depression
•    Anxiety/Stress
•    Hypertension
•    Diet and nutrition education
•    Medication management
•    High cholesterol
•    Stroke Risk Analysis
•    Asthma
•    Heart disease
•    Osteoporosis and bone density screenings
•    Arthritis


Helping you to manage your most chronic diseases will help to improve your health, and provide you with an improved quality of life. Enroll today in the Tatva Ayurved Chronic Care Management program and receive appropriate, coordinated care. To find out more, call us today +91 989 511 2264


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