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Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain in Kerala(Calicut)

When it comes to back pain, three out of five populations are suffering from this issue. Especially elder people are more prone to back pain and neck pain issues.


But only some opt for contemporary medicines considering their further effects on the body. In such a case, many people try ayurvedic medicines for their joints, body, and neck as they will provide zero side effects on our body and will also provide you with a satisfying and long-lasting result.


And as you know that Kerala is one of the home centers of Ayurveda in India; it provides a wide range of ayurvedic treatments. I have come here with some effective and unique ayurvedic treatments for back pain in Kerala.

Let's read it till last to get an Idea of it.


What are the causes of back pain in our body?

We need to analyze the cause before we can derive nearly a result, So let's scrutinize the reason first, followed by their effective remedies. 

However, there are several causes for back pain; let's see them one by one here.

Skeletal Abnormalities:

One of the reasons for back pain in the body could be skeletal irregularities; It is a condition in which the spine can result in an abnormal way, ultimately resulting in back pain. One of the best examples of such kind of back pain is Scoliosis (A condition in which the spine curves to the side).


Inappropriate Posture:

Sitting in an inappropriate posture for a long time can also initiate back pain in many people. It doesn't affect you instantly, but it can worsen your back pain if you continue to sit in the position for longer. Therefore it is also one of the reasons for back pain.


Strains and Sprains:

Repeated back lifting and continuous awkward movement can strain back muscles and spinal ligaments. A constant strain on the back can cause painful muscle spasms for people suffering from poor physical conditions. A sudden back or front pressure can also cause back pain in people.



Osteoarthritis is also one of the conditions that can cause back pain in your body. It is caused when the flexible tissues at the end of the bones wear down, and the protective tissues worsen gradually over time. It is most common in elder adults.


These were some common issues which is the reason for back pain in many people.


What are the Common Symptoms of back pain?

Here are a few symptoms that are very common in back pain condition;


  • You may start to feel difficulty walking

  • There can be muscle spasms under your lower back, hips, and pelvis region

  • You may need help to stand up straight in a proper position

  • You may frequently experience aching pain in the lower back; that usually feels like a stinging or burning pain

  • You might also feel discomfort after a prolonged string or standing


So these were some common symptoms of back pain.


What are the different types of Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain in Kerala?

Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment for lower back pain is assisted with herbal massages made of many ayurvedic ingredients. Not only does it end up with medicine alone, but several other medications, like yoga and strict diet plans, are also required to strengthen bones and muscles.


Several procedures can be included, like Panchakarma therapies, herbal decoctions, external herbal pack applications, and a few instructions to be adapted to the diet plan.


Here are a few popular ayurvedic treatments for back pain in Kerala that are proven helpful.



Abhyanga is a form of ayurvedic therapy which involves the massage of the entire body right from head to toe. It focuses on the lower back area, energizing your body cells.



  • It nourishes the entire body and reduces the signs of aging.
  • It enhances circulation in the body, increases stamina, and calms the nerves.
  • It improves sleep quality and enhances the condition of hair growth in the body.



Swedana is an ayurvedic therapy that involves steam made of herbs to expel toxins from your body. It includes a wide range of herbals and ayurvedic ingredients to prepare the steam, which is highly beneficial for the human body. It is one of the effective methods of ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala.



  • It helps improve metabolism rate and respiration because it's an expectorant.
  • It helps reduce stress levels and fatigue in the body.
  • It also boosts the appetite in the body.


Dhanyamla Dhara:

It is the process of Ayurveda treatment in which the liquid, usually made up of cereals and herbals, is poured on the affected part of the body as a part of therapy. During the treatment, the liquid is continuously poured into the affected area, maintaining a specific rhythm, height, and temperature.



  • The Dhanyamala Dhara treatment helps in managing and reducing weight loss.
  • It also reduces swelling, stiffness, and pain in the joints.
  • It aids the body's elimination of wastes and toxins.



Podikizhi is a form of treatment that involves full body massage. It involves powdered herbs tied in a cotton cloth and then further involves body massage. It is one of the effective methods of ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala.



  • The Podikizhi treatment strengthens the body's muscles, relieves stress, and detoxifies the skin.
  • The therapy also alleviates pain, swelling in the joints, muscular pain, sprain, and stiffness.
  • It helps recover you from any sports injury very quickly.



Pizhichil is a perfect mix of Snehana (Oleation Therapy) and Swedana(Sudation Therapy) therapy which is very effective for ailments like muscle, cramps, paralysis, rheumatic diseases, neurological disorders, blood pressure, and other conditions. This treatment also improves blood circulation and immunity. It is one of Kerala's most effective ayurvedic treatments for back pain.



  • This treatment is helpful in the detoxification of the body.
  • It also helps in relieving body pain and rejuvenation.


It is also effective for treating Hypertension and diabetes.


Frequently Asked Questions on Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain in India:


Which is the best ayurvedic medicine for back pain?

Ayurveda medicine like Guggul, Nirgundi, Shallaki, and Ginger are some effective ayurvedic medicine for back pain.


Is Ayurveda effective for back pain?

Ayurveda will help you to relieve not only back pain but also several other issues in your body.


List out some best herbs for back pain.
  • Ginger
  • Rhizome
  • Turmeric

These are some excellent herbs that are considered superior for back pain issues.


I hope you find the blog on Ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala helpful.


Thank you for reading!


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