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Traditional Ayurvedic Baldness Treatment in Kerala

Baldness is a severe concern that is prevalent among most people. The changing lifestyle of people and exposure to chemical hair products are the main reasons for the prevailing baldness in India.


However, it is seen that compared to women, men are more prone to get bald at the age of 40-50. Yet hair transplants and conventional medicines have won the industry. They aren't completely guaranteed and are not considered beneficial for the long term. 


Thus opting for Ayurveda can prove to be beneficial that can provide you with long-term results. In this blog, I have shared the list of some best ayurvedic baldness treatments in Kerala for effective results! 

What causes Baldness?

Baldness is caused due to several reasons which you should have a look to prevent it right from the initial stage.


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Genetics is one of the major causes for the prevailing of baldness especially male pattern baldness in people Male pattern baldness affects men as they age. It is a combination of genes from both parents i.e father and the mother. 


Hormonal Imbalance:

Hormonal Imbalance is also a common cause for hair fall and baldness. This type of hair fall is most common in women due to increased hormone fluctuations. Examples of such phases include pregnancy, menopause, or the effect of certain medications. 


Medical Conditions: 

Certain Medical Conditions, like thyroid, autoimmune diseases, and scalp infections, are also the reasons and causes for baldness among people. Apart from this, there are several causes of baldness, like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. 


Lifestyle Changes:

Lifestyle Changes are also one of the reasons for baldness in many people. In women, certain hairstyles, like tight braids and ponytails, can also contribute to hair loss in that specific area or region. In such cases, it is suggested to change the way you used to do things earlier to avoid the same condition. 



Lacking a sufficient diet can also trigger baldness in many people. Try to eat green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet and nutrition rich in Vitamin-A, Vitamins B12, etc. Follow a proper nutritious diet to avoid baldness and other hair loss issues. 

Hence these are a few causes of baldness in many people.


What are the different types of hair issues faced by people? 

Baldness isn't the only hir issue faced by people. Apart from this, there are several other hair issues faced by people. 


Hair loss:

Hair loss is one of the major issues several faced by many people. There are several reasons why you may experience hair fall. However, some of the major causes of hair fall include genetics, hormonal issues and imbalances, medical conditions, and lifestyle factors. 



A dry scalp is one of the major concerns for dandruff in many people. Dandruff can affect the scalp it increases the flakes on your scalp, which leads to itching, fungal infections, and certain skin conditions.


Dry Hair:

Dry Hair is also seen among many people caused due to several people due to a wide variety of reasons. Mainly it is caused due o overwashing of hair, exposure to chemical products and heat, and a poor diet. 


Split Ends:

Split Ends are also a concern that makes your hair even worse than earlier. It occurs when the ends of the hair become frayed and split due to several reasons like washing, exposure to heat, and some chemicals. 


Scalp Infection:

Scalp Infections are also common hair issues that are prevalent among many people. However, it is caused by various factors, including fungal and bacterial infections and certain skin conditions. 

Hence these are some common hair problems caused to people in many people. 

List out some baldness treatments in Kerala. 

There are several effective through which you can treat your baldness. Here I have listed a few. 



Thalapodichil is an ayurvedic massage that can help to prevent baldness up to a great extent. It involves the application of the medicated paste to your hair and scalp. The paste comprises a combination of herbs, oil, and other natural ingredients.

It helps to strengthen hair growth, and hair roots, and also prevent hair loss. It involves massage to the scalp, with lukewarm oil and improves blood circulation. Now after that, the medicated past which is prepared from several vital herbs and ingredients is applied to your head for maximum benefits.


Sirodhara is another effective treatment for your scalp that can help prevent hair fall and prevent baldness. It involves pouring warm oil or other medicated liquids on your forehead in a slow and steady motion. However, in this procedure, the relaxed state of awareness helps in a dynamic psycho-somatic balance. 



Apart from the treatments you can also try certain yoga poses and types of pranayama so that they could be helpful for you in increasing the blood circulation on your scalp and thereby increasing hair growth of your hair.

Hence these are a few best Ayurvedic baldness treatments in Kerala for your hair.

Hope you find the blog helpful. Stay connected, and see you soon with more upcoming blogs like this.

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