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Unlocking Back Pain: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Back pain is common these days, both in males and females! The reason for this could be that everything from dietary adaptation to lifestyles and genetics has a significant role here!

Well, whatever could be the reason, it is necessary to understand the symptoms and get treatment beforehand to avoid further problems with your health. 

In this blog, I have come up with the cause of back pain, its symptoms, and the treatment! So stay tuned for further information.

What is Back Pain?

Back Pain is a condition that arises when you feel severe numbing and intolerable Pain in your back. Back pain could be more serious if it starts interfering with your day-to-day activities. In this case, you must consult your physician as soon as possible.

In most cases, the Pain in the back gets better with some physical rest, medication, and self-help therapy. But in severe cases, it makes it necessary for you to consult a physician to help you ease the pain faster. 

Severe back pain can also interfere with your day-to-day activities like walking, standing, sitting, and, worse, sleeping. Hence it is necessary to get help from your physician as soon as possible.

What causes Back Pain in Individuals?

There isn't any one specific cause for back pain; There are several reasons for back pain.


Strained Muscles: 

Muscle sprains and strains are common in the lower back region of the body. Hence if you have frequent strain and sprain, there are chances for you to suffer from back pain.


Muscle Spasms:

Muscle Spams are common but temporary types of back pain. They are typically harmless but can be painful if not treated on time. These cause crippling contractions in that particular region. Massages, home treatment, Backpain ayurveda treatment and stretches can be helpful for the Pain. 


Damaged Disks:

Damaged and herniated disks are when the nucleus is pushed out of the annulus from the spinal cord. The early disk damage causes early stages of degeneration in people. 



In many cases, several injuries, fractures, and falls, which we have had earlier, can also stimulate an aching sensation suddenly if no proper care is supplemented. 


Common Causes: 

Apart from this, there are also specific common causes for people suffering from back pain issues. Some best examples of such type of back pain are due to certain repeated or prolonged continuous activities, including lifting so much weight, sitting down for an extended period, lying down, sleeping in a very uncomfortable position, etc. 

Henceforth these are some of the common causes of back pain in individuals, which can disturb the daily pattern of the individuals. 

What are the common symptoms of back pain? 

You may witness the following conditions if you are suffering from back pain. 


  • An increased range of Pain while lifting and bending.
  • A typical kind of numbness in the leg originates from the back and affects the entire portion, making walking difficult.
  • A worsened pain while sitting and standing as well as sleeping.
  • Having back pain more frequently affects and interrupts your daily routine.
  • A type of back pain originates from the back and also affects the part of the legs, hip, or even buttocks, making it difficult to sit, stand and walk.
  • A typical back stiffness makes it difficult to bend, stand or sit.
  • Having posture problems makes it difficult to sit and sleep properly.
  • We are having an inflammation or swelling in the back.
  • Having a familiar numbness sensation around the buttocks region.
  • If you have back pain paired with unexplained weight loss, even in that case, you may need to visit the doctor immediately.
  • Having a typical numbness in the legs and the feet of the people.
  • Back pain is also so cruel that it can interrupt your ability to do work or can even make it difficult for you to walk. 

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Henceforth, these are a few common back pain symptoms in individuals that might require immediate treatment. 

What do the doctors do for your back pain?

If the case becomes more severe, then the doctors might conduct some random tests; 

  • Having blood and urine tests to check if there is any underlying condition.
  • They may also check your nerve signals to see if there is anything wrong with your nervous system.
  • They may also check your bone to see if it has any underlying condition.
  • Your doctor might also conduct X-rays or MRIs to show if there are problems with the bone. 

How can Ayurveda help to reduce your back pain?

Ayurveda has the solution to help you with your back pain issue and help it heal entirely with no possible side effects. 


Abhyanga is one of the best ayurvedic therapies for treating back Pain with no side effects. Abhyanga involves pouring warm oil medicated with herbs and natural medicines to make it practical for your back treatment. It helps balance the doshas. It consists of applying warm herbal oil on your back and massaging it gently to provide a relaxing and soothing effect. It can relieve your Pain faster. 

Kati Vasti: 

Kati Vasti is also an ayurvedic massage to help you alleviate back Pain. It is best for back pain, stiffness, muscle spasms, strains, and other conditions. It is a traditional and ayurvedic therapy for treating lower back conditions and disorders. They help retain a specific substance and a medicated oil in the affected area. 

These ayurvedic remedies can help you to ease the back pain symptoms and also the Pain which occurs during any typical movement. 

I hope you find the blog helpful. See you soon, and stay connected to read more similar blogs like this! 

Thank you for reading the blog! 



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