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List of Ayurvedic Treatments for your Overall health!

The term Ayurveda has its origin dating back millions of years ago and centuries ago when it was the only option for people to treat their health. 

It is derived from the two Sanskrit words named 'Ayur', which means life and 'Veda', which means knowledge. Whenever we think of Ayurveda, the first thought that strikes us is Kerala which is the centre for Ayurveda because of its holistic approach and authentic therapies.

The main aim of Ayurveda is to manage the three primary doshas of the energies, including Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. By improving these doshas, you provide your body with immense power and stability. 

Since this Ayurveda provides therapy for every health issue, several ayurvedic treatments offer solutions for all your health problems. Let's see all those here in this article. 
Here I've shared the list of ayurvedic treatments that'll help treat various health conditions. 
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What are the different techniques used in Ayurveda for treatment?

Ayurveda has several approaches through which you can treat your health. It involves different techniques for your treatment. 


Dietary Changes:

In this process, you must adapt to the dietary changes, which include shifting from a regular eating habit to a healthy one. You have to eat more natural foods products than junk or processed foods.

Herbal Medicine:

The next comes medicine. In this process, you'll be offered natural and homoeopathic medicine in the form of tablets, powders, or pellets. 


Acupuncture is a form of ayurvedic treatment that involves treatment of the body through experts, which involves a typical massage to relieve your body from mental and physical stress. We can better call it ancient physiotherapy. 


Massage is the process of relieving your body from pain which involves the usage of certain herbal decoctions to help your body stay relaxed and make it pain-free during the treatment. 


A sense of mental peace is essential as a part of treatment which you can obtain only through meditation. Meditation helps to calm your mind and relieve your mental stress. It also relaxes our body and makes you productive enough throughout the day.

Breathing Exercise:

Breathing exercise has a significant role in ayurvedic therapy. It will help you strengthen yourself from the core and improve your heart rate and breathing frequency. 


Panchakarma is the process under Ayurveda that helps detoxify your body by using five therapies, including Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Anuvasana Basti, and Niruha Basti. This help cleanses your body from the inside and also helps relax your body as well as your mind. 

Sound Therapy:

Sound Therapy is a type of treatment that uses unique metal bowls to produce soothing tones and vibrations through the body to create pure bliss for the mind, body, and soul. This therapy calms down your mind, which also includes the usage of specific mantras.


Both Ayurveda and yoga are interconnected. Ayurveda and yoga are necessary to deal with medication and recovery to help you heal completely. 
Hence, these were some different techniques used in Ayurveda for the treatment

Suggest the list of Ayurvedic Treatments used for different health issues.


Abhyangam is an ayurvedic treatment that involves full body massage from head to toe with oil usually infused with the medicinal properties of herbs and medicines. The herbs may vary depending on specific conditions. This ayurvedic treatment will help you cure a wide variety of health conditions like pain in any area, Gastric problems, detoxification and elimination of the wastes from the body, enhance immunity, and manage weight.


Shirodhara involves the dripping of medicated oil or other liquid onto your forehead. You are mainly performed to provide a relaxing and soothing effect and relieve stress-related issues. It is performed slowly with utmost care to give calmness and a soothing effect. This ayurvedic treatment is effective for cases like paralysis and skin problems. 


Kashyadhara is derived from two words, namely Kashayam, which means decoction and Dhara, which refers to continuous pouring. Kashayadhara is a process in Ayurveda that involves constantly pouring the decoction into the whole or specific body part. The decoction is chosen based on your health condition. Kashayadhara treats insomnia, hair fall, stress, and sleep issues. 

Netra Tarpanam: 

Netra Tarpanam is derived from two words; namely, Netra means eyes, and Tarpanam means rehydration. It is a process in which the circular formes frames are usually made up of powdered Masha paste around your eyes. Afterwards, the lukewarm poured ghee is poured inside the boundaries. The treatment is typically performed to provide nourishment to your skin and relieve you from skin problems. 


Shringara is a wellness session in Ayurveda that consists of body scrub with herbal powders, followed by beauty oil therapy and beauty wrap. All these body scraps, wraps, and oil therapies will make your skin glow and feel flexible and relaxed. It is beneficial for the problems like pain, mental stress, paralysis, and immunity problems. 


Pizhichil means squeezing; therefore, it involves pressing a cloth dipped into a warm Kuzhambu or a medicated oil mixture, usually consisting of herbal products. It is generally poured into the affected areas of the patient. The treatment is usually suggested and suitable for the provinces of pain and mental stress and relieves you from gastric problems, Paralysis and detoxification of the body. 


Udvartanam is another effective ayurvedic treatment that involves massaging the whole body and below the neck in a direction opposite to the orientation of the hair with some pressure. We can also consider it a particular type of Abhyanga in which herbal powders are used for massaging your body, accompanied by herbal oil occasionally. The Udvartanam ayurvedic treatment is very suitable for skin care and weight loss. 

Hence, these were the list of ayurvedic treatments which will help you to cure multiple health issues. 

I hope you find the blog on the list of ayurvedic treatments helpful. See you shortly.
Thank you for reading! 


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