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Ayurvedic Treatment after Delivery in Kerala for mothers!

Post-pregnancy care plays a vital role in women's life cycle; it helps assist them in their future phases of life with enough strength and stability. 

Therefore it is necessary to provide them with appropriate and enough care with proper supervision. 

Henceforth ayurveda has several treatments and therapies to assist you with essential care after the delivery. It provides several post-delivery care that can serve best and be fruitful for women. But what are they?

Let's see it here in detail. Read the article completely to know more. 


What is Post-Pregnancy Care?

Post-Natal or Post-Partum care is provided to the woman or the mother after the pregnancy. Ayurveda provides both pre-natal and post-natal care to women for their well-being. The care involves 90 days of nurturing the woman after the delivery of a newborn. 


It focuses not only on physical health but also on the individual's mental health, which helps them to come out of the mental stress that women have been going through during the pregnancy phase. 


During this phase, the Vata in the body will increase gradually after the delivery, increasing digestion power. During this period, hygiene and immunity will also be low in the mother. Therefore special care is required to balance the Vata and strengthen the mother. 


In this phase, the strain is more on the mother's body in areas like the abdomen, lower back, and hips, and ayurveda has a solution to all these that helps reduce muscular tension. Post Natal Care plays a significant role in the women's life cycle. Women should be more conscious and precise during the treatment. 

What are the different types of Ayurvedic Treatments after delivery in Kerala?

Different ayurvedic treatments in Kerala are provided based on different health problems to mothers to enhance their strength and stability even after the delivery. These are some common treatments to opt for after the delivery in Kerala; 

Abhyangam: Abhyangam is the process that involves the application of herbal oil on the entire body, right from the head up to the toes. It will help you get instant relief and relax your body from all sorts of pain. 


Lepanam: Lepanam is the process of applying medicated paste prepared from several herbs and applied to the part of the body where you feel pain. The paste is prepared distinctively based on the type of ailment a patient suffers. 


Vethukulli: It is one of the most effective ayurvedic treatments after delivery in Kerala. The process is carried out by preparing a medicated hot water induced with several herbs in it. Now the person has to take a bath after applying the oil to their body. It helps strengthen the pelvis regions and brings them back to their position. 


These are all essential treatments, for all the body parts 


Ayurvedic Treatment after delivery in Kerala for Beauty Care?

Head Massage and Hair Pack: This involves several oil massages on your head and also provides a hair pack for hair growth and increases the density and vitality of your hair, which relatively decreases after the pregnancy phase. It strengthens your hair as well as provides you with mental relief as well. 


Ayurvedic Facial: Ayurvedic facial, also known as Mukha Lepam, is facing massage ayurvedic therapy, which includes the application of several products like rice, turmeric, and herbal pastes that have beneficial effects on your skin and your face.


Baby Massage: Baby massage is initiated in the first three months once the infant is born. In this process, the herbal oil is applied to the baby's body, and a proper massage is given to nurture and strengthen the baby. 


Baby Bath: Ayurveda high suppresses on a baby bath signifies the importance of giving therapy baths to newborns. It involves putting the baby into lukewarm, bathing them for health, and maintaining proper hygiene. 

Ayurvedic Treatment after delivery in Kerala for Back and Joint Pain? 

Elakizhi: Elakizhi is an ayurvedic treatment that involves the application of certain ayurvedic herbs and medicine to your affected area. It is the process where the leaves are deep fried in herbal oil, tied into a cloth, and then applied on any site—mostly used for back pain and joint pain ailments. 


Podikizhi: Podikizhi is a treatment in ayurveda that involves full body massage using a mixture of 12 herbs dipped into the medicated oil. It is the best and most effective for treating neuro-muscular diseases, which helps bring back the neutral body balance. 


Kashaya Dhara: The word kashaya refers to decoction, prepared from several herbal products and medicines, and Dhara refers to pouring, which means consistent pouring of the decoction. Thus the word Kashayadhara came into existence. It is poured consistently on the specific part or the whole part of your body to provide you with instant relief. 

Ayurvedic Treatment after delivery in Kerala for Stress relief

Shirodhara: Shirodhara is another best therapy to manage your stress levels; it involves the slow dripping of medicated oil on your forehead, filling it with several medicinal properties and providing intense relief after the application.


Ayurvedic Treatment after delivery in Kerala for Weight Reduction?

 Udwarthanam: Udwarthanam is an ayurvedic procedure that involves using herbal powders and medicated oils to massage the deep tissues of your body. It is recommended for proper blood circulation and also detoxification of your body. 


Dhanyamladhara: Dhanyamladhara refers to pouring an ayurvedic decoction with a constant rhythmic stream or a herbal liquid on your body and massaging it all over your body.
Hence these were the different types of ayurvedic treatment after delivery in Kerala provided to assist every body part with the same level of care. 


I hope you find the blog on Ayurvedic Treatment after delivery in Kerala helpful. Kindly share your suggestions or comments if you do have any. See you soon with the upcoming work.


Thanks for reading the article till the end! 

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