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Mother & Baby Care



What is Tatva Ayurved's Mother & Baby (Prasavaraksha) Care program?


Tatva Ayurved's Prasavaraksha care program helps mothers recuperate from pregnancy, childbirth, and new parenting by restoring energy, preventing postpartum complications, and enhancing physical and mental strength.


How does Ayurveda support mothers after childbirth?


Ayurveda supports new mothers through ayurveda internal medicines, special oil massages, and nourishing therapies that soothe the mind and body, reduce stress, and minimize stretch marks.

What services does Tatva Ayurved offer for prasavaraksha care?


Tatva Ayurved offers a range of services, including:

Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care
Ayurvedic Delivery Care
Postpartum Care
Oil Massage Therapy

What are the benefits of Ayurvedic care for mothers?


Ayurvedic care for mothers promotes better sleep, relieves tension and depression, helps tone the body back into shape, alleviates body pains and weakness, and improves breastfeeding and blood circulation.


How does Ayurveda benefit newborns?


For babies, Ayurvedic care improves neurological and sensory development, aids in weight gain and increased stool frequency, and relieves discomfort from colic, gas, constipation, and teething.

What treatments are included in the prasavaraksha care plan for mothers?


The mother's treatment plan includes:

Snehanam: A hot medicated oil body massage
Patrapotala Swedam: A massage using cloth bags filled with herbal leaves and heated oil
Kashaya Dhara: A steady stream of warm medicinal liquids administered to various bodily sections
Special abdominal bandage: Helps shrink the abdomen
Ayurvedic herbal tea and juices
Vethu Kuli: Medicinal bath

What treatments are provided for babies?


For babies, the treatments include:

Herbal oil massage: For the entire body
Kashaya Dhara: A steady stream of warm medicinal liquids administered to various bodily sections

Can the treatment plan be customized?


Yes, the treatment plan can be adjusted depending on the patient's condition, with additional or fewer treatments as needed.


Why choose Tatva Ayurveda Care Program for Mother & Care (Prasavaraksha)?


Tatva Ayurveda is known for its highly skilled medical professionals who offer traditional Ayurvedic treatments, a committed and knowledgeable workforce, and a holistic approach that ensures a healthy future for both mother and baby.


How does Ayurvedic care help with breastfeeding?


Ayurvedic treatments improve blood circulation and help tone the body, which can enhance milk production and make breastfeeding easier and more effective.



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