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Tatva Ayurved online health programs are designed to identify and address the root causes of your health conditions. We focus on a holistic approach, emphasizing 80% on food, lifestyle, and routine changes, and 20% on medicinal treatments.



Gut Health Program

Our three-month Gut Health Program is tailored to treat gut-related health conditions and assist with weight management. By detoxifying your body and correcting imbalances, we aim to enhance your digestive fire (Agni). A balanced Agni promotes optimal weight management, naturally leading to weight loss or gain. This comprehensive gut health reset program not only improves your condition but also enhances skin and hair health, immunity, vitality, and disease resistance.


Weight Loss Program

Weight gain can result from various factors such as diet, low metabolism, health conditions, and lack of sleep. These factors affect your Doshas, essential elements that define good health. Our Weight Loss Program focuses on balancing the Doshas by identifying the root causes of weight gain and integrating Ayurvedic routines and cleanses into your daily life.


PCOS Reversal Program

PCOS is a prevalent hormonal disorder among women, often caused by an imbalance of Pitta and Kapha Doshas. Our three-month PCOS Reversal Program aims to balance these Doshas through Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle changes, supplemented with necessary medications.


Skin & Hair Care Program

Healthy skin and hair are indicators of overall good health. An imbalance in Pitta Dosha often causes skin and hair issues. Our Skin and Hair Care Program helps maintain skin and hair health by balancing the Doshas through a customized Ayurvedic diet plan and medication.


Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program

An imbalance in Agni (digestive fire) is the primary cause of Type 2 diabetes according to Ayurveda. Our Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program helps manage diabetes through lifestyle and dietary changes, aiming to balance Doshas and reduce dependency on medications.


Thyroid Reversal Program

Ayurveda attributes thyroid imbalances to the depletion of Ojus (vitality). Our Thyroid Reversal Program focuses on regaining Ojus through Ayurvedic practices, thus addressing thyroid-related health conditions.


IBS Reversal Program

IBS, a chronic colon inflammation, is often deemed incurable by mainstream medicine but can be treated with Ayurveda. Our IBS Reversal Program targets the root causes, such as imbalanced Agni and accumulated Ama (toxins), through tailored lifestyle and dietary changes.


Child Care Program

Ayurveda emphasizes balanced nutrition for children's growth and development. Our Child Nutrition Program designs a suitable nutrition plan that ensures the right balance of nutrients based on your child's preferences.


Women’s Hormonal Health Program

Hormonal imbalances in women can result from poor diet, lifestyle choices, and stress. Our Women’s Hormonal Health Program identifies and treats the root causes through healthy Ayurvedic practices.


Cancer Rehabilitation Program

While modern medicine is crucial for cancer treatment, Ayurvedic treatments can help detoxify the body post-therapy. Our Cancer Rehabilitation Program aids in restoring health, preventing recurrence, and enhancing vitality and immunity.


Ayurvedic Wellbeing Program

Our Ayurvedic Wellbeing Program is for anyone looking to understand well-being deeply. It incorporates healthy Ayurvedic practices into daily life to improve overall health and maintain balanced Doshas.


How It Works

Initial Consultation
During your consultation, you will receive a personalized treatment plan, including an Ayurvedic medicine prescription, detailed food plan, and lifestyle routines such as oil pulling, Nasya, and Abhyanga. This plan will be provided within three days of consultation.


Getting Your Treatment Plan and Medicines
After receiving the plan and prescription, you can order the necessary medicines locally or online. We will assist you in sourcing them.


Daily Accountability and 24/7 Support
Upon receiving the medicines, a private WhatsApp group will be created for you, including a team of doctor, nutritionist, wellness coach, and yourself. This group ensures daily accountability, habit formation, compliance, and lifestyle modification through meal-to-meal corrections and progress checks. Senior doctors will be available for emergencies.


Panchakarma Detox Treatments (Online)
Depending on your condition, you may undergo 2-3 Panchakarma cleanses, which are Ayurvedic detoxification treatments that help expel vitiated Doshas (toxins) from the body.


Yoga Classes
You can enroll in online yoga sessions with a Tatva Ayurved Yoga teacher (traditional Ashtanga yoga) based on your health condition if needed.


Fortnightly Review Consultations
Every 15 days, review consultations will analyze your progress. Adjustments to diet and medications will be made as necessary to help you achieve your health goals.



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