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Different Types of Ayurvedic Massage and It's Benefits

Body Massages are immediate energy boosters that will help you to get instant relief from all-day tiredness and body pain.

But what type of body pain will be more suitable for you? That's the question here. It varies for people based on their needs and body requirements. Some massages are for rejuvenating you, whereas some are for reducing body pain.

Even there are several types of ayurvedic massages that are suitable for treating different problems. You can try any massages based on your health issues and preference.

What are ayurvedic body massages?

Ayurvedic body massages involve using oil medicinally induced with herbs that will help you treat your pain and rejuvenate your body. The main aim of the ayurvedic massage is to provide relaxation to your body and balance the doshas. There are different types of ayurvedic massages in ayurveda that will give enough relief. 

The massage involves the use of different oils in the body. The treatment is used to cure diseases, reduce pain, and relax your mind. It gives you a warmth and energy boost and makes you more productive in the workspace.

What are the different types of ayurvedic massages in your body?

Ayurveda provides different types of massages that offers immediate relief to your body. It helps treat several health conditions and reduces pain, and promotes wellness to your whole body.


Abhyanga is one of the best ayurvedic massages, which provides immediate care and relief to your body. It involves using medicinal oil for the patient, depending on their health condition and massaging in the area of pain or the entire body. 

This massage helps strengthen the bones and relieve your muscles from pain. In the olden days, the Abhyangam treatment was done regularly before bathing to revitalize your body and make it energetic throughout the day. The oil gets absorbed into the skin under the muscles and the tissues to provide more profound relief. 


Benefits of Abhayangam: 

  • It increases blood circulation in the body.
  • It promotes the immunity system of your body.
  • It helps to relax your overall body. 


Udvartana is another best type of ayurvedic massage that helps relax and remove toxins from your body. It involves the application of herbal powder and herbal paste on your body to provide immediate relief. It facilitates a detoxification process that helps remove excess fat and cellulite from your body through scrubbing and massaging your body. It is performed vigorously to remove cellulite and other toxins from the body. 


Benefits of Udvartana:

  • It is best suitable for weight loss and the detoxification process.
  • It is helpful to tone the muscles and strengthen them.
  • It helps the mobility of the joints and limbs quickly. 


Pizhichil is another best treatment for your body that provides multiple benefits. The therapy involves bathing the body with streams of medicated oil with rhythmic motion massaging the whole body softly. It helps strengthen your weak muscles and rejuvenate your weak muscles. It balances the vatta dosha of your body and is efficient for individuals suffering from soreness caused due to fractures and stiffness in various body parts. 


Benefits of Pizhichil:

  • Best suited for stiffness and pain in the joints, also known as arthritis.
  • It is best suitable for asthma-related issues and hypertension.
  • It is also ideal as a detoxification therapy that helps eliminate toxins from the body. 


Ayurveda involves no herbal pastes, powders, or oil to massage your entire body. In this treatment, raw silk gloves are used only. Without using any lubricant, the entire body is given a whole massage by stimulating the tissues to provide immediate and instant relief to your body. The treatment is also vigour that helps to remove the dead skin cells from the body and make it clean and radiant. 


Benefits of Garshana:

  • It is the best and most effective for your lymphatic system.
  • It helps increase blood circulation and warms the body.
  • It warms the body and improves energy levels as well.


Shirodhara comes from the two words Shiro which mean 'head', and Dhara means 'flow'. It refers to the process of pouring medicated and herbal oil on the head to provide relief with a flow to provide instant and immediate relief. 

The Shirodhara treatment is used in several parts; Ayurveda is a holistic health approach that originated in India thousands of years ago. It provides a natural and holistic approach to curing your mental health problems. Here is a few commonly used oil in Shirodhara Ksheera Bala Tailam, Chandani Tailam, Triphaladi Tailam, Narayana Tailam, Dhanwantaram Tailam and more. 


Benefits of Shirodhara:

  • The Shirodhara provides a soothing effect on the head muscles.
  • It helps improve sleep quality and provides improved sleep quality.
  • It also helps reduce stress and anxiety. 


Uzhichil refers to the application of pressure on the muscles according to their structure, at the same time stimulating the nervous system and circulatory systems. Two people perform the treatment by using medicated warm oil on your skin.
It helps clear your skin, strengthen the muscles and joints, improve sleep and is also suitable for everyone, even healthy people. It involves oiling and massaging the area of pain or the whole part of the body. 


Benefits of Uzhichil:

  • The Uzhichil treatment helps stimulate the nervous system and balance it.
  • It helps to improve the circulatory system of the body.
  • It helps improve blood circulation, strengthen muscles and joints, provides good sleep, improves skin texture, and nourishes nerves. 

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