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5 Best & Effective Indian Home Remedies for Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins are a severe condition in which the veins become swollen and bluish in a color that causes immense pain. It is not always severe to visit the doctor; sometimes, even some simple home remedies will prove you better and provide instant results.

In this blog, I have shared a list of some best Indian home remedies for varicose veins that could help reduce pain in the affected area. Have a look here to get good knowledge to treat varicose veins. 


What are Varicose Veins?

Before Knowing the suitable treatments, it is better to know about the condition; Let's see here;
Varicose Veins are a condition in which the veins in a particular part of your body get swollen and turn bluish. 

The valves will help the blood from going backward get damaged and thus result in the blood pooling in the veins. This results in swollen veins that also become visible and severe pain in the feet. 

The veins which are varicose either appear dark blue or purple. The pain usually depends upon the severity of the case. If the issue is worse, the pain will also be more severe. In mild to moderate cases, the pain will also be less. 


What are the symptoms of Varicose Veins?

Symptoms of Varicose Veins; 

  • A burning or throbbing sensation in the legs.
  • Swelling in the feet and the ankles.
  • Feeling uncomfortable and heavy legs.
  • At night muscle cramps.
  • A dry and thin layered skin.
  • Itching around the areas of varicose veins.
  • A typical bulge and twisted veins.
  • A typical brown discoloration and ulceration in the skin.
  • Pain or soreness in the legs.
  • Legs feel tight and heavy, just like physical pain.

Hence these are a few common symptoms of the varicose veins condition. 


Suggest some best Indian home remedies for varicose veins. 

Try these best Indian home remedies for varicose veins;



Elevating your legs is the best way to relieve you from the pain of varicose veins. You have to lift your leg to your heart and then put it down. Repeat this step again and again, and you will feel better relief. This remedy is suitable only for mild to moderate pain. You may visit your general doctor or physician if you have severe pain. 


Regular Exercise:

Regular exercise alone is enough to fight against any disease and severe health. It also helps reduce several difficulties and pain in your body. Doing exercise can improve your blood circulation and allow the collected blood to push through all over the body. Practices like yoga, swimming, walking, and cycling are some of the best examples of them. 


Avoid a Single Posture:

Let it be sitting or standing; if you keep doing it for a long time, it can hurt you. Hence, to avoid this, taking such small breaks every 2 hours will help improve your muscles and the blood in your body and help you overcome boredom.


Weight Loss:

Obesity and overweight are the root cause of a variety of diseases. Hence it is necessary to maintain a healthy weight to avoid varicose veins. When you are overweight, the veins in your body will face difficulty pushing the blood, resulting in varicose veins in the long run. Therefore losing weight will help you to overcome it. 


Compression Stocking:

Several products available in the market can prevent and help you with the varicose veins condition. One best example of such products is Compression stockings. 

These are designed in such a way that they can squeeze your legs and improves your blood circulation. This help relieves pain, helps circulate blood, changes swelling and discomfort in your legs, helps during pregnancy, and more. They are available in different colors, sizes, feet, styles, pressures, and lengths. 

These were some beneficial and effective few best Indian home remedies for varicose veins. 


What are the dietary changes involved in Varicose Veins?

A change in diet will be proven beneficial and effective in obtaining immediate relief from the pain. Here are a few differences which you can make if you are suffering from varicose veins;

Salty foods can cause water retention in the body. Hence it would be helpful to eat foods rich in potassium to combat the water retention condition in your body.

You can eat almonds, pistachio nuts, potatoes, lentils, white beans, leafy vegetables, fish, salmon, tuna, etc. Not only does potassium, but foods rich in fiber would also be helpful, like nuts, seeds, legumes, oats, wheat, flaxseed, whole grain foods, etc. 


What are the foods to be avoided for varicose veins?

Not everything but there are a few foods that you can avoid for the varicose veins condition; Here's the list of the foods to be avoided;


Refined Carbs:

People suffering from varicose veins must avoid eating refined carbs as it is not recommended good in the long term. They may make the condition sustain for a more extended period and are also not recommended good for vein health as well. 

Canned Foods: 

Canned Foods are also not suggested and are unsuitable for good overall health. They are lined up with a chemical called Bisphenol, which creates the mimic of estrogen in our body, affects the hormones, and worsens the condition. It is better to opt for fresh foods instead of canned foods. 

Added Sugar:

Foods containing sugar or added sugar are also not considered suitable for your health if you suffer from varicose veins. Foods like chocolates, cakes, cookies, and other foods that contain a high amount of added sugar contribute to obesity and weight gain.


Eating meat is not suggested for varicose veins conditions because red meat consists of much less fiber that takes a lot of effort and time to digest. 

Alcohol/ Beverages:

Alcohol and other beverages like strong coffee can also cause symptoms and may worsen the condition. Try avoiding these conditions. 
Henceforth these are a few foods to be avoided with varicose veins. 

I hope you find the blog helpful. Stay connected for more upcoming blogs. See you soon.

Thank you for Reading! 



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