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Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Liver Cirrohosis in Kerala!

Liver Cirrhosis is when the liver loses its ability to perform its function, like removing the impurities and toxins from the blood and supplying it to the rest of the body. Thus, this conditioning also impacts the other parts of the body. 

Here at Tatva Ayurveda, we have an effective cure for Liver Cirrhosis without any side effects. We provide ayurvedic and natural care to your liver and help you recover it as fast as possible.

But how you may be wondering? So let me explain it to you here in this article. Here I have discussed some Best ayurvedic treatments for liver Cirrhosis in Kerala. 

What is Liver cirrhosis?

First, let us know about the problem and then follow the solution for it;

Liver Cirrhosis is also known as Advanced Liver Disease, which includes the replacement of the liver tissues by fibrosis and regenerative nodules in the liver. The liver loses its ability to replace the damaged cells resulting in partial blocks that interfere with the flow of blood through the liver.

In the early stage, the symptoms are usually negligible and can be treated easily, but it becomes as difficult as time passes. The affected tissues with cirrhosis are known as scare tissues. With ayurveda, you can quickly treat this condition efficiently and effectively. 

What causes Liver Cirrhosis Condition in our body? 

Liver Cirrhosis is caused due to the following reasons;

•    Viral infections such as hepatitis B and C viruses.
•    Exposure to toxic chemicals.
•    Diseases like coronary artery disease, autoimmune disorders, and certain corticosteroid medications.
•    Health issues like protein malnutrition, diabetes, obesity, liver cancer, and Chronic hepatitis. 
•    Fat accumulation in the liver, cystic fibrosis, alcohol abuse, and more.
•    Damage and destruction to the bile ducts, infections like syphilis, and brucellosis.
•    Excessive consumption of drugs or medications for other medical problems.

Hence these are some of the common causes of liver cirrhosis in our body. 

What are the symptoms that indicate Liver Cirrhosis? 

Here are a few common symptoms of Liver Cirrhosis that you must know to prevent it;

•    A loss of appetite, fatigue, vomiting, and nausea.
•    A sudden fluctuation in the weight either increased or decreased. 
•    A yellowish appearance of skin or eye white. 
•    Itching skin and swelling in the ankles, legs, and abdomen due to bodily fluid retention.
•    Pain in the abdominal region and pain.
•    Spider-like veins in the body. 
•    Finding a brownish or orange tint in the urine. 
•    Light color stools and stool with blood are the common signs.
•    Fever and sudden shift in the personality traits like Confusion and disorientation. 
•    A lack of strength in the muscle, redness in palms and hands, and Weakened muscles due to a thin body. 
•    Need help in walking and delivering the speech. 

Therefore these are some of the common symptoms of Liver cirrhosis.

Suggest some best ayurvedic treatments for liver cirrhosis in Kerala.

Ayurveda does have some best approaches to treat liver cirrhosis. Let's see it here profoundly. 

As the liver directly deals with the pita and detoxifies the body, panchakarma cleansing is suggested best for Liver cirrhosis, especially the Virechana. Several practitioners suggest internal medicine for the liver concerning its issues. 

Several Herbs like Guluchyadi Kashayam, Drakshadi Kashayam, Avipathy Choornam, Hepamruth Syrup, Vasaguluchyadi Kashayam, and more are beneficial for treating several issues of the other body parts too.


The first treatment includes Ahaar, which refers to consuming a healthy and balanced diet. The Ahaar should be based on the person's physical activity and food. The food must be completely healthy, like fresh juices that help remove the toxins from your body, and a diet rich in protein, seeds, nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables. Reduce the overall salt intake and avoid or reduce the use and consumption of alcohol in your body.


Arogyavardhini is another best supplement for liver cirrhosis in Kerala with several benefits that treat liver and several skin conditions. It is an effective ayurvedic medicine for the liver that is available in both tablets and churn. It helps revive the primitive cells in your body and protects the patients from other effects like cirrhosis and jaundice.


Katuki is another helpful and powerful drug to treat cirrhosis which comes in powdered form. Mix one spoon of katuki power with an equal amount of honey(optional) and drink it thrice a day to treat the issue. It facilitates the liver to produce more bile juice and relieves you from congestion and pain. It also treats the affected tissues for normal functioning. 

Ayurveda has the best treatments for liver cirrhosis without causing any side effects.

Suggest some preventive measures for Liver Cirrhosis:

Here are some preventive measures which you can apply to prevent the condition from further increasing;

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Reduce Alcohol:

Avoid or reduce the use of alcohol, especially if you are suffering from liver cirrhosis. It may worsen the condition and can impact your liver adversely. If continued, it can lead to more severe consequences like liver cancer.


Diabetes patients are more prone to develop cirrhosis condition. But by controlling the blood sugar levels through insulin, it is possible to reduce the disease. 

Reduce Salt:

For people who are suffering from liver cirrhosis condition, the doctors will advise them to reduce their salt intake.

Consume high protein diet: 

One of the consequences of cirrhosis is the degraded muscles that lead to a weakened body. In such cases, the doctors recommend their patients consume foods high in protein.

Medicines and Tests:

Proper medicines and tests are also necessary from time to time to reduce the complications in your liver. 

So these were some of the simple ayurvedic treatments for liver cirrhosis in Kerala. 

I hope you find the blog on Ayurvedic Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis article in Kerala helpful. If you have any queries clear them in the comment section. Stay connected.
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