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Tatva Ayurved is my trusted place for Ayurveda Treatments

Mr. Abdul Azeez was abroad before in gulf countries.  He worked with defence forces there. Then he came back to India in 1986. Afterward, he did business in transportation and construction. Currently he is enjoying his retired life. It is then the back pain began to trouble him. He decided to consult the doctor and undergo treatment because of this. He never sees this as a periodical pleasure therapy. Here he shares some of his experiences with us:


I am very familiar about Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam (now Tatva Ayurved) for a long time. I use to go for treatment to Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam from 1997-98, when the branch was in Chalappuram, Calicut. It is my 11th year I am coming for treatment in this hospital.


I prefer Ayurveda to Allopathic medicines for health problems like back pain. The back pain problem has been troubling me for a long time. I consulted many doctors but consultation and treatment by Dr. Satheesh at Tatva Ayurved is much better. So I continued to visit the hospital.


 I am familiar with Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam and effectiveness of its medicines and treatments by the end of 1990s. My cousin brother Adv. Jamaludheen, Chalappuram did treatment here many years ago. He suggested me to go to Dr.Satheesh of Tatva Ayurved for better Ayurvedic treatments and results.


Before, I use to do 21 days treatment and a week of rest that followed. But this time, it is for 10 days. There were many kinds of treatments I undergone. There was Kadivasthi, Lepanam, ilakkizhi, podikkizhi, kashaaya dhara and so on. All of them gave me good comfort.


During COVID, a severe back pain struck me very hard. I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. They controlled the pain through an injection. After that, there began a sort of numbness on my left leg. That numbness has not gone away yet.  I have not gone into Allopathic medicines after that. Then I began my treatments in Ayurveda.


I feel better after the treatment. But it is a fact that the actual result will surface only after many days taking rest at home and continuing the medication. I plan to come back for treatment at Tatva Ayurved. Since Ramzan is coming, I would be coming for treatment after that. I plan to come for two-three days treatment every month or two. Tatva Ayurved is my trusted place for Ayurveda treatments.

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