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Tatva Ayurved Gave Me Back My Normal Healthier Life


I am Simna Krishnan and live in Bengaluru. I work for a reputed and well-known company as a human resources manager. I regained my regular, healthy life - thanks to TatvaAyurved.


I've been dealing with lower back pain for a few years and consulting allopathic medicine, which has recommended rest, an orthopaedic belt, and painkillers. Subsequently, the pain worsened and migrated to my left leg, leaving me with numb and tingling sensations. After conducting all necessary tests and assessments, they advised emergency surgery because the slip disc had seriously injured the sciatic nerve. The surgery is to implant four screws in my spine. My well-wishers and I felt this were terrible, and they recommended looking into Ayurvedic medicine as the best course of action.


TatvaAyurved was recommended to me by a close friend who had similar health issues a few years ago, was treated here and is now living a normal life. I wasn't sure how much Ayurvedic treatment would help.When I attended Tatva, I got some hope to continue because of Doctor Satheesh's assurance that he had successfully treated other problems like mine. I was instructed to finish a 21-day course, which included two to three separate treatments lasting 30 to 60 minutes each, followed by an additional 21 days of complete relaxation in accordance with the Ayurvedic method, under full-time monitoring and observations.


I received therapy for 21 days, during which time I was watched and monitored. Over the course of 21 days, treatment that comprised a variety of Kizhi, Dhara, Lepanam, Kati Tharpanam, and Basti procedures, as well as medicine intake, oil massages, and packs that assisted with muscle relaxation and inflammation reduction, As the pain varied, the treatment was adjusted to account for the stress spots and pressure intensity. And today, once the course of therapy is over, I feel incredibly relieved and rejuvenated. I'm pain- and symptom-free, and I feel like a brand-new, invigorated person.


Even though this was my first time considering an Ayurvedic treatment and I wasn't very confident in it, I agreed to everything because the pain, fears, and worries I was carrying left no room for doubt and it was better than surgery. 21 days of treatment with fluctuating pain only increased my worries, but by the end of the treatment course, I could see a lot of difference and by continuing the instructions and resting the remaining days, I see wonders being done. I stand strong, with no pain or symptoms to carry back home.


TatvaAyurved is an appreciable organization that truly focuses on the mission of true service. Unlike what is seen these days, where Ayurveda is being marketed with all kinds of decor and not necessary accessories, this centre, which I would prefer calling a home rather than a hospital or treatment centre with the feel and ambience experienced, keeps things minimalistic and focused on the actual needs of the patients and hygiene. They prioritize respecting the customers and curing the illnesses they come with by providing around the clock.


God forbid I don't need medical care or have to go to a hospital. However, after receiving Ayurvedic treatment and learning more about how it manages diseases, I would unquestionably advocate for and appreciate it. I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Satish and the entire crew once more for everything they did to help me return to my regular and healthier days. I suggest TatvaAyurved for "Ayurvedic treatment" if you have such a disease.

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