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Tatva Ayurved gave Relief to my Pain

Mrs. Reetha from Beypore, Kozhikode came for treatment at Tatva Ayured for pain in lower abdomen and around it. She came after a course of treatment in modern medicine. They said her that the only way to cure it or lessen the pain is to take rest always. So she decided to try Ayurveda treatment at Tatva Ayurved. She had come here for another treatment before and she got good result. On the last day at our hospital of the current course of treatment, she shared her experience at tatva Ayurved.


She was prescribed to undergo treatment for seven days but one more day was added to it to do the dhara treatment. She has been suffering from the pain in the lower abdomen and parts of the body around that for some time. When they did the scanning, it said that there is a small fracture to the bone in an area where any direct treatments are not possible.  Allopathic doctors said that there is no medicine for that but need to take complete rest.  But she could not take enough resting because of the daily chores and other works at home. Her son said her to take rest but she did not. Then the pain escalated and they consulted local doctors and took medicine.


She has her son, his wife and children at home. They do help her to not take a lot of work and take rest. Both her son and daughter in law are employed. So they will go for their jobs in the day and she will not take rest. Her sister’s relative is a frequent customer of Tatva Ayurved. She told Mrs Reetha about Tatva Ayurved. Her sister had some pain and troubles to her legs. She came to Tatva and undergone treatment by Dr. Satheesh and it got cured. So the she recommended Tatva Ayurved to Mrs Reetha when she had a similar pain and problem to her legs. She came and took treatment at Tatva Ayured. This is what she said about it: “Tatva Ayurved cured the pain and ailment on my legs before. I had a very good experience and effective remedy at Tatva  Aurved. That is why came for treatment here this time”.


When I asked about how she feels now, this is her answer: “After eight days of treatment, I feel much better. Dr. Satheesh had said to do a complete course of treatment to get better result. This time I could come for seven or eight days. Now after the treatments, the pain at the lower abdomen, back and hip has reduced significantly. Since there is a fracture, the doctor advised to take rest, not sit but lie down on the bed.  He said I can walk a bit but not a lot until that fracture is healed. I plan to come for continual of this treatment after a couple of weeks. The doctor had suggested that. He said to watch the changes in the health condition and will decide then”.


“I have undergone Ayurveda treatment before near my home. Since my current health condition and fracture prevent the doctors from taking a direct remedy like plastering the effected area, the only way to heal is to take rest and let it heal itself. But Ayurveda treatment at Tatva Ayurved has given very good result and I feel much better now. The atmosphere at Tatva Ayurved is very good and homely. Doctor, Therapists and other staff are all good and friendly. They are well trained to provide the best service to the patient. Food and other amenities too are good. I have already told many of my friends and family to choose Tatva Ayurved, if they need any Ayurvedic treatment. I am very happy that I came for treatment at Tatva Ayurved”.

Tatva Ayurved

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