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Tatva Ayurved Saved me from that Pain

I am Mrs. Sujatha. I live in Calicut. I am enjoying my retired life with some extra activities in a minimal way. I worked with KTC (Kerala Transport Company) for 30 years. After resigning the job, I began to run an Insurance agency. My family is my husband, my two sons and my mother. My sons are both married and have their kids. I have two sisters and one brother.

I had problem of pus an infection on one of my legs. I was hospitalized because of that too. Even after three weeks, the pain and discomforts had not come down. It is then one of our family friends told us about Tatva Ayurved.  They said that it is very effective for situations that I am facing and many people are getting healed at Tatva Ayurved. One of their relatives had once done a treatment at Tatva Ayurved and had good result. The pain was too much for me to bear and so decided to come for treatment in Tatva Ayurved.

At the beginning it was painful because my skin tissue of the leg was almost gone because of pus and infection. But then the doctor changed the medicines accordingly along with treatments and the pain gradually reduced after two weeks of treatment in Tatva Ayurved. My health problem on my leg got healed.  When my one leg was affected by pus and infection, I gave more stress to the other leg. So it began to show troubles too. Pain increased on that leg because of the excessive thrust I gave when my other leg was affected by pus and infection. So I came back to Tatva again to take advice of the doctor and do treatment if needed.

I took MRI and other tests which revealed some problems. So the doctor advised to get admitted in the hospital and do treatment of 14 days course. I love Ayurveda. My father has a collection of books about Ayurveda. Those books talk about herbs, doshas, imbalances, medicines, their preparation, dosage and so on. I used to take Ayurvedic healthcare medicines from my childhood. Maybe that is why I did not have any major illnesses. It is in the recent times I am having some health problems like these.

At Tatva, Initially the treatment was planned for two weeks this time. Then it was extended to two more days to do some more treatment procedures to ensure good and long lasting result. Here I felt like a home. People, facilities, food and treatments all are really good. My health problem is almost healed. I think the healing will be complete after a week’s resting period at home. I am very happy about my experience at Tatva Ayurved. I will definitely recommend Tatva Ayurved for effective Ayurveda Treatment.

Tatva Ayurved

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