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Tatva Ayurved Healed my Vata and Knee Problems

A couple from USA with roots in India came for treatment in our in Ayurveda hospital. They did treatment for nine days in our hospital. We approached them to provide a review on the last day of their treatment. The husband allowed us an interview about the great experience and healing he had from the treatment at Tatva Ayurveda. Here are the excerpts.


-Tell us something about your personal and professional background:

My name is Prabhakaran Pandala. I am 79 years old. I live in USA. It has been 55 years that I am there. I retired from my profession 8 years ago. I worked with General Electric Aircraft Engines. I am an engineer.


-What were the health problems that made you visit our hospital?

I do not have any particular health problems. I had two knee replacements. Doctors say that I have Vata disease. I have pain on both my legs, especially when I walk. I do not have any problems other than that now.


-Why did you choose Ayurveda?

I have heard and experienced that Ayurveda is better than Western Medicine for Vata related diseases. Many scientists have said the same. There are many articles written about that too. So I believe in Ayurveda for Vata related health problems than western medicines.


-How did you learn about Tatva Ayurved?

I did not know much about Tatva Ayurved. I have seen the sign board while travelling in the car. My cousin Suma Raja is working at Tatva Ayurved. She has told me about the hospital. So I was able to know more about the hospital and treatments. 


Doctors here are very good and holistic. They will listen to the patient very keenly. They will explain everything really very well. Treatments are very effective too as far as I heard and experienced.


-What were the treatment procedures you underwent here?

I had done treatment from another Ayurveda centre after my knee surgery many years back. I don’t remember what specific treatments they did then. But I feel much better after treatment at Tatva Ayurved. I do not know much about the treatment procedures.


-What is the duration of your treatment?

Duration of our treatment is 9 days. Doctor has advised us to take rest for about four days after that.


-Had you every consulted any other doctors for your knee problem?

No. I do not trust doctors in America in this case.


-How is your Vata disease now?

I feel much better after treatment at Tatva Ayurved. I hope that will sustain.


-Do you plan to come here for treatment again?

Definitely. We will come for the treatment here if the problem persists even though cannot be said when, precisely.


-Will you recommend Tatva Ayurved to your family and friends?

Definitely. We are very happy about Tatva Ayurved and we trust the authentic Ayurveda treatment of Tavta Ayurved.


The couple will go back to USA after a couple of months. They have assured that they will come to Tatva Ayurved hospital when they come back to India again. They expressed their gratitude for the good quality treatments, medicines, services delivered by the doctors, therapists and others. They are very delighted.

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