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Detox Treatment in Kerala for Instant Relief!

Ayurveda is a science that links all other sciences in it. It is difficult to list the number of solutions it can offer for both your physical as well as mental health.

Among several other treatments, the detox treatment in Kerala is one of the popular treatments that help detoxify (remove all the toxins from the body) your body from all the toxins that are equipped from the environment, food, and drinks we consume. 

Hence the Detox treatment helps to provide your body with enough relief and aims to improve your body's functioning. Read the article till the end to know more.

What are the different treatments used in the detox treatment? 

Poorvakarma and Panchakarma treatment are the two significant treatments that come under the detox treatment in Kerala;


Poorva karma Treatment is a process that prepares the body for detox; simply we can call it pre-detox treatment. The first step starts with Snehana, a process in which the body is saturated with herbals and medicated oils that involves the ingestion of ghee. In this process, the Ama is loosened and moves into the gastrointestinal tract. 

After this, the second step is toward Swedana, in which the channels are dilated. Nadi Swedana is the localized application of the steam, whereas the Bashpa Swedana refers to the process in which the steam is applied to the whole body. The last step in Sirodhara refers to pouring the warm medicated oil in a slow, steady stream in the forehead as it provides you with a mental quality and gives you peace after the application.


Now, after the Poorvakarma, you can prepare for the Panchakarma, which is the next step towards detox treatment in Kerala. Panchakarma treatment is Pradhanakarma. 

Panchakarma involves the five detox processes that help transform and remove toxins by restoring the body's constitution. The Panchakarma treatment involves a vital process in which your body strengthens the detox and re-establishes the mind-body unity.

The Panchakarma involves five processes; you don't need to undergo all five processes, but the practitioners will provide you with the best treatment suitable for you, considering your age, genetics, medical condition, and most importantly, the doshas. 

However, there are several treatments, or we can say that there are several types of Panchakarma Treatment; They are; 



Nasyam is one of the Panchakarma treatments in Ayurveda which involves different parts of cleansing your body. It is a process in which the herbal drops are dropped through the nasal passage to enable cleansing of the passage.

It helps remove the toxins from your respiratory organs through the nasal path. The time duration of the Nasyam Treatment is around 30-40 minutes. The nostrils get lubricated, and the air we breathe becomes moist and clean. It cleanses the sense organs and protects you from cerebral diseases. 



Vamana is another treatment on our list, a part of the Panchakarma Treatment in Ayurveda. Vamana is a procedure that eliminates toxins from the body through the upper channels of the body. For Eg. Mouth. It is also known as medical vomiting. 

The treatment also helps remove the Kapha (Mucus) accumulated in the respiratory tract. Vamana helps relieve you from congestion, wheezing, breathlessness, and other sinus issues. It enhances digestion and metabolism in your body. 



Vasthi is regarded as one of the best Panchakarma treatments that helps correct the vitiated Vata dosha. Usually, there are two types of Vasthi: Asthapana Vasthi and Anuvasana Vasti. It refers to administering the decoction of herbal powder, like honey, salt, and oil, through the anal route, and it is similar to an enema from the human body. 

Anuvasana Vasti is another enema therapy carried out using medicated oils that help revitalize the lower intestinal tract. At the initial stage, abdominal massages are given to prepare your body for detox treatment. 


Rakta Moksha: 

Rakta Moksha combines the two words Rakta which means blood, and Moksha, which means to leave. Rakta Moksha therapy aims to remove toxins from the blood and helps purify the blood. It helps remove many accumulated pitta toxins of many blood-borne diseases. This treatment helps to remove the toxins from your blood effectively. 

The Rakta Moksha therapy is both curative as well as preventive. The treatment is carried out using two main techniques: Shastra Visravana and Anushastra Visravana.



Virechanam is one of the Panchakarma therapies wherein drugs induce purgation and helps eliminate the excessive pitta dosha from your body. After this Virechanam treatment, the patient does not complain of having any diarrhoea or dehydration due to any reason. 

As per the condition, herbal medicines are provided to you in a specific amount to improve the variety of conditions in your body, like it improves immunity, appetite, metabolism, and enhancing healthy digestion, and the intensity of chronic diseases is minimized. 

Hence, these were the different detox treatments in Kerala which would be a practical approach for relaxing your body from toxins. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Detox Treatment in Kerala; 


What does detoxification mean in Ayurveda?

Detoxification refers to the process of removing all the toxins from your body. The detox involves herbs, supplements, bloodletting, dietary regimen, and stress-relieving practices like meditation, massage, etc. 


Which is the best home remedy to detox your body?

It would be best if you start your day with a glass of hot water which will help to detox all the toxins from your body. It will help you to cleanse your body and flush out all the toxins from your body as well.


What are the three different methods of detoxification?

Three different methods of detoxification include Bio-activation, Conjugation, and Transport. 

I hope you find the article Detox treatment in Kerala helpful. If you have any suggestions or queries, you can ask them below. 

See you shortly with the next blog. 

Thank you for reading! 


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