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How to deal with being depressed; 'Coping up with depression'

How to deal with being depressed? Well, this question strikes the minds of several people with depression.

Depression isn't a normal thing. It is one of the most rising concerns these days. It can become even worse if left untreated. 

Hence several remedies and medications can help you out with this mental condition. But still, it requires the effort of an individual as well.
People with depression must adapt to a particular lifestyle to provide easier healing. 

Depression can be a terrific and challenging experience which might be very difficult to deal with. But still, with appropriate guidance and care, one can come out of this condition and lead a normal and happy life. 

Here in this blog, I have shared some tips for how to deal with being depressed. You can adapt to them for an upcoming healthy life. 


What is Depression?

Many of us have gone through this phase but do not know what depression exactly is. 

Depression is a mental health condition in which a person is persistently depressed and loses interest in almost every activity, even if they used to enjoy it before. It has a significant impact on your daily life and activities. 

It also has a major impact on your behavioural patterns concerning others. Everyone reacts to depression differently. One may go completely silent, always remain irritated, and vice versa. 

Depression can make you disinterested in everything and can also affect your energy levels. It can also increase up to an extent where you find yourself in despair and may also want to withdraw from life, which can lead to suicidal thoughts if not treated on time.

What are the indications of being depressed?

Like other health conditions, even depression comes up with a variety of symptoms; 

  • A persistent feeling of sadness or feeling disinterested in activities like socializing.
  • A sudden change in your weight due to the loss of appetite.
  • A disturbed sleeping pattern. Sleeping too much or reduction in the hours of sleep.
  • Fatigued all time and lack in energy levels.
  • A reduction in your concentration levels and so much distraction.
  • A prevalence of guilt all the time and consideration of yourself as unworthy.
  • Recurring death thoughts most of the time.
  • A typical feeling of loss of energy despite being physically inactive.
  • Hindrance in speech and other activities.
  • Facing difficulty in decision-making and solving problems.
  • A miserable and a feeling of guilt that never ends. 

Therefore, these are a few symptoms that indicate you are suffering from depression.

What are the reasons behind depression? 

Depression is caused due to a wide variety of mental problems; However, the causes can vary from person to person. 

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Biological Changes:

Biological changes in the brain can also be one of the causes of depression. The release of brain chemicals, and fluctuation in the hormones, can also be one of the causes of depression. Hence biological changes can also make your stay depressed. 


In the case of depression, your genetics also play a major role. If you have a family history of depression, there are probable chances that even you may travel in the same boat. Hence inheritance also plays a major role in cause for depression in any individual.

Life Events:

Certain life events like accidents, loss of your loved ones or separation from them, and chronic stress are also some reasons why you can become extremely depressed. Depression caused due to such reasons could be difficult to treat.

Chronic Illness: 

Chronic Illness can also cause depression in people. As per estimation, it is noticed that more than one-third of the individuals with serious medical conditions have the symptoms of depression. 

Hence these are a few causes and reasons behind depression among individuals. 

How to deal with being Depressed? Best tips to overcome depression.

Depression is indeed difficult to treat, but it isn't impossible. With appropriate care and guidance, it is easy to combat depression easily. 

Meet Yourself:

Try to concentrate more on yourself and take care of yourself, right from eating, sleeping, and everything. Make some quality time for yourself. Start doing activities which you used to enjoy. Try to keep yourself engaged among people you are familiar with, like family members, friends etc. Do not isolate yourself during this phase.


Physically Active:

Stay Physically active and try to indulge yourself in some activities. It will be helpful for you to lower your symptoms and boost your energy levels. It not only helps relieve you from future symptoms but will also prevent you from recurring episodes.



During these phases, music is the only thing that can make you survive. Try listening to slow, lo-fi and soft music for a better mood impairment. Make a note that tries listening to optimistic tones rather than doing the opposite. 



Try to spend some time with nature. Nature leaves you with some possible vibes and can have a powerful influence on a person's mood. Try trekking in the mountains with your friends, walking along the beach sides, and sitting under a tree under the cool breeze; these are some amazing things you can do.



At times of depression, try to keep yourself around your loved ones. Do not isolate yourself from others, as this might worsen your condition. If you can't meet that person, video calls, voice calls, or voice chats can also help. 


Set Goals:

Are you finding it difficult to complete your daily goals? Then try setting a new one. If you find the goals you are setting difficult to achieve, try to reduce the levels and opt for new goals instead. 



Last but not least but writing is the best therapy you can do if you are depressed. During the phase of depression, there are many things which you cannot tell everyone. In this case, you can draft down your thoughts in a paper which you don't feel like conveying to anyone. 

Therefore these are a few tips to overcome your depression.

Hope you find the blog helpful. Stay connected, and see you soon with more blogs like this.

Thank you for reading! 

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